prince of shadows review

we start off with benvolio standing over Tybalt capulets in Tybalt bedroom looking for a way to humiliate him taking a saber and a dagger from Tybalt he rushes out of the bedroom and into Tybalt sister Rosaline’s room where she is reading by candle light she doesn’t alert the rest of the capulet household to his presence because she knows that he came for her brother who has tormented her.

two months late benvolio is summoned by his grandmother and told that his cousin romeo has been sending love letters to rosaline and she wants his to retrieve them since he is aware of his dealing as the prince of shadow and has allowed his acts as the prince of shadows because it served as a purpose to humiliate her enemies now he is either going to do her bidding or she will tell his uncle that he is the Prince of shadows. His first task as her servant is to recover the love letters that his cousin romeo sent to rosaline. Accompanied by romeo and mercutio once again seeing rosaline he takes a book from her shelf in exchange for a look at who he really is and telling him that she burned romeo’s letters to her before he escapes from her house.ine

we fined out that mercutio has a secret lover to whom only romeo and benvolio knew. his father has set up a marriage for him which he accepted in order to keep his other life secret but it comes out that his in love with a man named Tomasso who is later hanged for this crime. At a ball at the Capulet manor romeo sees Tybalts daughter juliet who he is instantly taken with forgetting about rosaline in the process. still taking risks as the prince of shadows benvolio talks to a witch that has come to verona to seek revenge for her cousin Tomasso she has helped mercutio with a curse for the house that was responsible for his death but it is two fold cursing both house capulet and montague so that both romeo and juliet end up end but benvolio stops it by burning the beads that mercutio sent to juliet along with a letter that mercutio wrote in his blood. At the crypt where juliet and romeo lie died both houses have agreed to raise a statue for the other houses child.

Reading goal

So I like to do a reading goal each year since I have joined Goodreads which was back in 2013 and I have upped it each time and been successful at reaching them until this year because I have had to lower my goal to 32 books and now I am only one book away from completing that goal. my question is do I really want to reach it since it will feel like a step back from where I was a few years ago?

Of course like any reader I have hit reading highs and lows during the year but the fact remains that shouldn’t I be able to push myself though thoughts rough patches in order to reacher a higher level than I was at previously

Reading in 2016

So far this year I have had my ups and downs as far as my reading goals I hit a really bad slump about three quarters of the way through this year where I found that nothing that I would pick up would grab my attention long enough to keep me invested so I would grab something else only to have the same thing happen over and over again.

What finally broke my slump was a book by a booktube friend of mine named Sara Ella her first novel unblemished captured me from the first page I couldn’t put it down and now I am two books away from completing my reading goal for the year